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Left, Middle-class drawing room in Blackheath, London, 1841, painted by James Holland. Drawing rooms and parlors served the same purpose, to entertain guests. Center, An old-fashioned parlor from the Spencer-Pierce House. Right, Victorians loved to play games with their children at Christmas time.
      Parlor games were group games played indoors. During the Victorian era in Great Britain and in the United States, these games were extremely popular among the upper and middle classes at Christmas parties. They were often played in a parlor, hence the name.
      During the 19th century, wealthy men and women had more leisure time than people of previous generations. This led to the creation of a variety of parlor games to allow these gentlemen and ladies to amuse themselves at small parties. Parlor games decreased in popularity in the first half of the 20th century as radio, movies, and later, television captured more of the public's leisure time. Though decreased in popularity, parlor games continue to be played. Some remain nearly identical to their Victorian ancestors; others have been transformed into board games such as Balderdash.
      Many parlor games involve logic or word-play. Others, such as blind man's bluff, are more physical games, but not to the extent of a sport or exercise. Some also involve dramatic skill, such as in charades. Most do not require any equipment beyond what would be available in a typical parlor. Parlor games are usually competitive, but cumulative scores are not usually kept and the only reward for winning a round is the admiration of one's peers. The length and ending time of the game is typically not set; play continues until the players decide to end the game.
      I have included some up-dated versions of old Christmas parlor games for you and your loved ones to play during this holiday season: Christmas Charades * Jolly Cobweb Party * Miserable Music * The Christmas Elf * Tiddlywinks for children * The Stage Coach * Musical chairs * Twenty Questions * Snap-dragon * Buff * Fictionary  * Blind Man's Bluff * Hunt the slipper * Assassin, (Mafia) This is an adult game only. Although it has no violence in it, we do not recommend it for children under sixteen years of age. The game actually plays out like an elaborate game of tag in a narrative form. * How,When and Where You Like It? * The Emperor of Morocco * Thus Says The Grand Mufti *

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More Christmas Party Ideas: Need ideas for your next Christmas party? Our staff is always looking for links to great party ideas for the holiday season too. So if you have any suggestions just drop us a note at the gallery. Christmas Party Ideas*How To Throw a Christmas Party *An EvangelisticBirthday Party For Jesus.*Tips For Hosting a Christmas Party.* Holiday Party Ideas*Winter Wonderland* The Single's Guide to Hosting the Holidays* Kids Christmas Party*Christmas Party Games For Kids* Christmas Parties* Due a LNO during the Christmas season!*

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Print these fun puzzles out for your next family gathering. There are puzzles for adults, teens and little ones here. Puzzles are either made entirely by Kathy Grimm or redrawn and adapted from very old newspapers.
  1. Gingerbread Rebus Story from 1904
  2. Can you stuff this stocking?
  3. Who owns these stockings? 
  4. "Advent" word search
  5. Hidden Christmas Treasures 
  6. Santa Claus Fortune Teller Puzzle 
  7. "Christmas Gifts that Give Joy To All" Puzzle
  8. "Born on Christmas Day" Crossword
  9. Santa Folding Puzzle
  10. "Guess The Gifts" Puzzle
  11. "Old-Fashioned Christmas Toys" Word Search
  12. "Here Comes Santa Claus" - word search
  13. Unscramble These Christmas Phrases
  14. Santa's Greeting Puzzle
  15. Santa Bug Puzzle
  16. A Puzzling Chimney
  17. St. Nick Portrait Puzzle
  18. Christmas Gifts from Mother, 1920 - word search 

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