Monday, July 8, 2013

Parlor Game: Jolly Cobweb Party

I actually hosted several parties for my children when they were young and played this game. It was a real crowd-pleaser.

      "A friend of Polly Evans did something last Christmas that was fine. She gave a Cobweb Party.
      This was really no new idea; cobweb parties were quite the fashion a good many years ago. For the boys and girls of to-day, however, it is a rather novel idea.
      She assembled all her guests in the large drawing room. Here each one was given the end of a string and told to follow the string to the other end, where he would find his gift. These gifts--oh! were they not hidden? In nooks of the attic, in corners of the cellar--here, there everywhere!
      The strings crossed and recrossed each other, and led through nearly every room and hallway in the house.
      You can imagine how often and how unexpectedly the various searchers came face to face and struggled to separate their intertwined strings. 
      The strings were of various colors, so as to be the more easily distinguished for each other. 
      Altogether, the Cobweb Party was a charming success. If not too late, why not try it yourselves to-day? " St. Paul Globe, December 25, 1904

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