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The Reason For This Blog, "Share Your Fortune"
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      Hello, my name is Kathy Grimm. I’m an artist and a teacher living and working in St. Louis, Mo. "" is my online journal dedicated to the art and design interests of my family members, adult students and children that I work with in private schools daily. Most of the posts included here will cover themes frequently associated with the topic of Christmas.       
      Although not all of the content found here is unique or original, it is sometimes necessary for art teachers to adapt the contents of a web journal for easy access by their students. Some school districts have very restrictive policies concerning the number of websites that may be visited by students within their own private libraries and classrooms and it is for this reason, I have begun to write several online journals for my own classrooms. Thrifty Scissors, Easter Egg Crafts, Prickly Pins and A Guide to William Shakespeare are several of my online journals that I have developed for my own students to read and share. In addition to these, I also have also a Bible coloring page website, an older online journal called, “Art Education Daily,”; the result of my k-12 certification in the state of Missouri..

Where do the materials come from and how may these be used?
      Some of the articles, all of the craft instructions and those original materials by Kathy Grimm are copyrighted. Make sure that you know what is what before presuming it to be public domain resource. All of the coloring pages, worksheets, puzzles, cartoons and illustrated poems are either cleaned and restored here or are created entirely by myself or my family members. This original content is not to be used for third party profits. In other words, do not upload it into your own web collections and then advertise next to the content for your own profits.
      The photography with copyright notices used in the craft articles is the sole property of Kathy Grimm and may not be used elsewhere on the web unless, you use the blogs' "reblog" software button located beneath the post. (Educators may print hardcopy for classroom use freely from those copyrighted materials designed by me here.) Google also sometimes uses our photos to link to our site through images or by maintaining web history through their searches. By submitting our content to Google we agree with the practice, however, this does not mean that we have similar agreements with webmasters who claim to have search pages that do not provide a direct link to our blog with every image or post listed. Search pages at pinterest do provide direct image linking to our blog, so this search software is a good example of a company software using a correct and ethical linking practice. 
      The videos posted on this blog belong to their prospective owners and are not in the public domain! These videos are provided by the youtube services freely in order to promote viral searches that are related under the category of education on this blog. When you upload a video at youtube, you agree to this practice.
      Some of the content redistributed on this blog comes from the generous people at Wikipedia freely distributes both encyclopedia articles or current articles that have been both dedicated to the public domain or have passed into the public domain by default. These articles may be freely printed by all school teachers. However, the articles should not be misrepresented as belonging to people who have not actually written them. If you include these in a publishing hard copy, you must reference their original authors in the back of the book, assignment, or report as you would for any resource used or quoted when compiling a book or turning in a paper.
      All poetry transcribed on the blog is in the public domain. If the author is not listed with the poem then I do not know who wrote it. I am, however, certain that the poetry is in the public domain. If I know the author of the poem, I note him or her with the poem.
       If you have additional questions concerning the content here, you may write to me at  I will not respond to mail that does not practically concern the blog , is intended to be abusive or that promotes product that I have not requested personally from a welcome solicitor.
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  1. What a wonderful Blog you have. I have found some cardboard figures with staples down the sides. Do you have any idea where and what year they may have been made in. I am unable to find anything on them.I have a blog also but have not been on because of a serious surgery. Check it out if you want. I only have 1 follower. I make Santas & Snowmen I am working on my witches. It would not let me attach a photo. I will post on my blog. Thank you, DK Vintage Holiday Dolores Koper

  2. Dolores, thank you for reading my blog. I will go to yours to check out all of your great Christmas creations. Post the picture of the cardboard figures there and I will have a "look see."

  3. If you're interested in meeting some fellow St Louis blogging ladies, we have a website and meetup group on facebook. We'd love to meet you!

  4. Thank you, Brittany I'd love to meet up some time and I especially love your vintage holiday pages too!

  5. What a great blog! Found it through Pinterest! Thanks for being such a sharing blogger!

  6. Thanks Dolly Z, I love your little fabric folks too, very cute friends!

  7. Thanks from me too, Kathy, for the great Christmas blog. There are also so many links to others to explore. I can tell a fellow teacher a mile away. Merry Christmas all year long!

  8. Love your blog Kathy.

  9. Thank You Maz, keep speaking those wise words!


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