Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Craft a Christmas Paper Plate Snow Globe

       Children will delight in crafting this simple Christmas snow globe during the holidays. Because it is made with stickers, parents or teachers may choose any winter theme to accompany the project. Public school teachers may choose snowman stickers to include with it and private school teachers may select religious themed stickers such as nativity figures for the pleasurable activity.
      I made this particular snow globe to mount onto a flat sheet of paper that may be displayed on a wall instead of a table top. You will need the following supplies per student:
  • blue and brown construction paper
  • blue and brown crayons
  • white glue
  • a snowflake hole punch
  • white typing paper
  • white cotton (two balls)
  • two small white paper plates
  • stickers
  • one sheet of fancier blue printed paper for the lining of the snowglobe interior
  • one sheet of plastic slightly larger than the hole that you will be cutting in the center of one paper plate
Step-by-step Directions for the Snow Globe:
  1. Students will need to cut a large circular opening in the center of one of their two paper plates. They may use a stencil, plastic lid or even an old CD will do for a template. If your students are younger, teachers may wish to do this part of the art project in advance.
  2. Then students or the teacher should cut a slightly larger circle from a piece of transparent plastic.
  3. Glue the transparent plastic onto the inverted side of the paper plate with a hole at it's center. (see photo below)
  4. Set this paper plate aside to dry; it will serve as the top half of the paper snow globe after it has been assembled.
  5. Draw, cut and glue a base for your snow globe from brown construction paper onto the lower half of a blue piece of construction paper.  
  6. Take the uncut paper plate and glue it down on top of the brown base.
  7. Glue into the inverted side of this paper plate a decorative blue background covering the entire surface of it's interior.
  8. Add stickers and cotton at the bottom of the Christmas scene. 
  9. Then punch multiple snowflakes using the white typing paper. Glue some of these to the background of your scene.
  10. Glue some of the punched snowflakes also to the interior of the top plate to illustrate the illusion of falling snow.
  11. Glue the top paper plate on top of your scene using a generous application around the edges only of the two paper plates.
  12. Use the brown crayon to add a wood grain to the base of the snow globe and the blue crayon to shade underneath the globe's base in order to add a bit of depth to the table.
Left, is an example of the top paper plate before gluing it inverted side down on top of the mounted paper plate containing the Christmas scene. Right is a photo of the snow globe in progress prior to the mounting of the top half of your snow globe.

        "Paper Plate Snow Globe - I absolutely love homemade Christmas decorations. This video shows you how to make a snow globe out of paper plates. This snowman snow globe is a great kids Christmas craft and can be easily customized with your favorite holiday scene!"

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