This, like many of the games is only a way of collecting forfeits. One of the players comes forward with a poker, and knocks on the floor three times. " Whence come you ? " one of the company asks. " I come from poor Buff, full of sorrow and care." - " And what did Buff say to you ?"

"Buff said, 'Buff!' And he gave me this staff, And he bade me not laugh Till I came to Buff's house again."

With this the poker is handed to the questioner. But before this is done all have been trying to make the poker-bearer laugh. If there is even the faintest smile, a forfeit is paid. Sometimes the rhyme is like this : " Buff says ' Buff' to all his men, And I say 'Buff' to you again. Buff he neither laughs nor smiles, In spite of all your cunning wiles, But keeps his face with a very good grace, And carries his staff to the very next place."

The poker is handed from one to another till each has said the rhyme, and it must pass from hand to hand as rapidly as possible.