Thursday, November 13, 2008

Parlor Game: Hunt The Slipper.

   The seekers must cover their eyes and ears or leave the designated game area while the hider hides a small, hopefully odorless, slipper (shoe). When the hider says to come and find it, or after the seekers have counted to a specific number, usually sixty or one-hundred, the seekers come out and attempt to be the first to find the object. When a seeker has the object in hand, he can alert the other players of his success by yelling "The slipper has been found!" This game is promoted as a fun, safe rainy-day game for young children.
   Often, especially when there is only one seeker, the game is played using "hot or cold," where the hider informs the seeker how near he is to the object, telling him he is cold when he is far from the object (or freezing or if he is extremely far off), and hot when he is extremely close to the object. If the seeker is moving farther from the object, he is told he is getting colder, and if the seeker is moving closer to the object, he is told he is getting warmer.

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