Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Sculpt a Belznickle Head Candy Cone

This candy cone measure approximately
 12 inches in length.
       This the first candy cone that I made from CelluClay. I fashioned it on top of a prefabricated cone purchased from a hobby store. Although I could have made the cone myself, I thought perhaps it more important that the cone be made of a much heavier paper mache form. CelluClay dries light weight but is quite heavy when first applied. I didn't want the thickness of the medium to alter the shape of the cone before it dried. It took several weeks for the CelluClay to dry naturally because I did not make my earliest ornaments from this series in the summer. Through trail and error I would conclude to sculpt with CelluClay during the hot summer months only.
      I shaped the ridges of the Belznickle's beard with a toothpick. His features were painted with acrylic paints and then I varnished the surface of my candy cone with a wood floor varnish. I also finished the inside of the cone with CelluClay and painted it a bright red. (not shown) The cone itself is relatively light weight but it often contains heavier candies over the holidays. This is the reason for the thick wire handle.

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