Friday, June 16, 2017

The Open Bible Chrismon

A simple interpretation of the Open Bible Chrismon.
       This contemporary Chrismon, an Open Bible is described at The Christian Clip Art Review. I used the traditional gold and white Chrismon colors to make this simple Open Bible Ornament.

Supply List:
  • corrugated cardboard
  • masking tape
  • hot glue gun and hot glue sticks
  • metallic gold spray paint
  • gold ribbon
  • white paper
  • stapler
  • printed paper that reads "Holy Bible" and verse from Luke 4:16
  • double stick tape
  1. Cut a cover for the Chrismon Bible ornament out of corrugated cardboard. Cover this in masking tape.
  2. Trim off the masking tape.
  3. Bend the book cover in half.
  4. Spray paint this cover with gold metallic paint outdoors. Spray paint inside a cardboard box so that it may be tossed in the recycling bin after use. 
  5. Cut and staple several sheets of white paper that may be fitted between the covers of this Bible Chrismon ornament. Make sure that the printed pages are stapled at the inner-most fold. 
  6. Hot glue these stapled pages between the corrugated cardboard Bible cover after using double stick tape to position the pages open permanently.
  7. Hot glue a long gold ribbon down the center of the pages seam. Make sure the ribbon looped at the top of the book is long enough for the Chrismon to hang easily from the tree.
Far left, cardboard book cover, masked. Next the cover trimmed. Center, paper pages lined up and stapled. Right, pages are taped open with double stick tape.
Karen Barber shares her Chrismon tree with the web.

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