Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Quick and Easy Christmas Bauble Craft!

This Christmas bauble has a traditional message, "Merry Christmas" and lots of holiday sparkle.
      So your racing around town and you've forgotten to purchase something for your students to craft during their Christmas party. You need something quick and easy that you don't have to think about or plan ahead for? Here is such a craft and any youngster can complete it quickly without too much fuss or mess. This is what you will need to purchase:
  • Christmas ribbon with a greeting of some sort printed on it. 
  • lots of shiny, glittery and festive colorful ribbon chopped up into small pieces
  • glass or plastic transparent Christmas baubles
  • hooks, string or ribbon for the hanging of the ornament
  • metalic permanent ink pens to write a date and name of the student on the outside of the ornament
      To assemble the ornaments all you will need to do is remove the caps and fill them up with the above supplies. Then replace the caps and write the student's name and the year they made their Christmas ornament. Tie on a string, ribbon or wrap a hook around the caps stem and your ornament is complete.

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