Monday, November 10, 2014

Kids Can Cut and Paste A Heart-Shaped Christmas Tree

Left, finished Christmas tree. Center, backside of construction paper tree. See the different colors of tissue paper pasted over each hole. Right, the finished heart-shaped, Christmas tree craft.
      Here is a simple little Christmas craft that any young child may enjoy making on a snowy Winter's day. You will need the following supplies: colored tissue papers, brown and green construction paper, scissors, white glue and round objects to use as stencils. 
      Cut out one very large heart from dark green construction paper. Turn this upside down and glue a large brown square to the backside of the heart leaving a few inches of it showing beneath the heart to represent the tree's trunk. Then cut a slightly smaller heart using a lighter shade of green construction paper and glue this on top of the larger heart shape. Continue cutting and gluing additional hearts in the same fashion. Look above at the photos to see the placement of these heart shapes. 
      Next use round objects or stencils to trace Christmas baubles on top of each section of your construction paper tree. Poke through each circle with the point of a pair of scissors and carefully cut away the circular shapes. Turn your Christmas tree over to it's backside and then paste small squares of tissue to cover each hole entirely. Let the surface dry.
      Now you are ready to hang your decorated, construction paper tree on to any window. The light shining through each circular shape will look like stained glass.

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