Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Easy Christmas Craft For The Kiddos!

Make a wool Christmas tree with stacked
concentric circles.
      Your little ones can make a bright wooly Christmas tree of their very own this year. Just cut and stack wool circles one on top of the other to make the tree you see here. Of course you will need to thread these concentric circles on a stiff thin wire. Perhaps a long ornament hook will do just fine for this craft. Bend one end of your wire and attach it with a piece of tape securely to a large flat circular piece of cardboard. Add glue for extra sturdiness. Cover the bottom of the cardboard with another felt or wool circle to give your project polish. Now poke each wool concentric circle in the exact center onto the wire until you have just enough wire left to thread through a star shaped button. Hook the top end of the wire around the back of the button; Mom or Dad will need to help with this part.

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