Sunday, November 2, 2014

Craft a Simple Cotton Batting Acorn Ornament For Thanksgiving

      Here are some simple acorn ornaments for Thanksgiving displays. These ornaments are made from homespun cotton batting, a little paint plus glitter and they don't take long to shape. Young children will also enjoy collecting acorn caps from the woods in order to help craft these charming little decorations. Leave the nuts behind for the wildlife folks.

My little pilgrim decoration along with acorns.
 Supply List:
  • white cotton balls
  • acrylic paints: red, orange, yellow, gold and brown
  • acorn caps
  • white glue
  • transparent glitter
Step-by-Step Instructions:
  1.  Pull apart several white cotton balls so that you can work quickly.
  2. Add a bit of white glue to the center of a wad of cotton and roll this between the palms of your hands to form a small cotton ball.
  3. Hold this ball up next to your acorn cap to determine how much bigger the ball needs to get in order to fit into the inside of the acorn cap. Add additional glue and cotton as needed.
  4. Pinch off one end of the cotton ball to create the tip of your acorn.
  5. Glue the ball to the acorn cap and let it dry overnight.
  6. Paint your acorns in what ever color you desire and let the cotton batting ornament dry.
  7. Apply a bit more glue with your finger tip and roll the acorn in glitter.
  8. I twisted a fine copper wire around the stems of some of my acorns so that I may be able to hang these from my Blessing tree. I scattered some of the acorns throughout my Fall displays around my home.
Left, Acorn caps a plentiful where I live. Center, Here you can see my cotton batting acorns unpainted. Right, I've painted the acorns and have also rolled them in transparent glitter.
Left,  A close-up of one of the cotton batting acorns hanging from the delicate branches of my Blessing tree. Center, A little pilgrim and a few scattered acorn decorations at the base of my Blessing tree. Right, These acorns have attached caps.

If you use the actual nut in order to design acorn ornaments,
make sure that you do not store these in a moist environment.
I did this one year and my acorns sprouted!

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