Monday, November 17, 2014

Children's Alphabet Block Ornaments

A toy soldier, sailboat and wooden zebra will make an adorable menagerie on my Christmas tree this year!
A flocked cat with bright green eyes plays with a
ball on top of the letter K alphabet block.
       There are so many tiny toys that small chubby hands have stuffed into drawers here and there throughout my home. These little creatures are too charming to throw away and yet they are of little to no use to anyone since our children have grown. So, I decided to glue them to a set of children's alphabet blocks I purchased for pennies from a resale shop.
      I used a tacky white glue to adhere the toys to the wooden surfaces. I will wire them on the bottom so that I can attach them to branches differently from hanging ornaments. I like to have several attachment options when it comes to decorating my Christmas trees.

More Alphabet Block Christmas Tree Ornaments:
My husband's little dog chewed on these tiny, wooden German toys when he was young. I hadn't the heart to throw them out.
Here I have attached some odd assortment of miniature china animals to a few of the alphabet blocks.
A small wood turned Santa Claus figure along with a bottle brush tree and wool tree skirt finish off the top of my letter G alphabet block.

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