Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Repurposed Ornaments Made From Costume Jewelry Parts

I used an old broach, a set of costume earrings and a few glass
beads to embellish my paper baubles. I cut out widow shapes
from the cardboard ornaments so that the jewelry elements
could be seen from both sides. The paper patterns are
identical on the reverse sides of these flat paper baubles.
            Don't toss out that old costume jewelry; repurpose it into unusual Christmas ornaments. I've included here a selection of flat, stylized, baubles featuring cut-away design elements and contemporary brass jewelry parts sewn into the paper designs.
      I intentionally selected  Christmas papers that would compliment the simple lines of my jewelry and glued on additional gold papers that emphasized the color of the inexpensive brass parts. When integrating elements from one design into another, it is best to repeat common shapes and colors so that the overall design looks cohesive.

Supply List:
  • decorative papers
  • cardboard (recycled)
  • costume jewelry
  • pliers
  • wire cutters
  • beads
  • scissors
  • white glue
  • tacky glue
  • gold thread or fine gold colored wire plus a needle
  • bauble pattern from this post
  • gold colored miniature cup cake liners
  • wire for hangers
Step-by-Step Instructions:
  1. Draw and cut out patterns similar to those designs found in vintage wrapping papers and trace around these on top of recycled cardboard. I use an old cereal box for my ornaments.
  2. Next, select decorative papers that will enhance the designs of the costume jewelry parts that you intend to sew into your design.
  3. Don't forget to cut out the windows from your cardboard baubles. This will allow the jewelry parts to be seen from two sides instead of one.
  4. Cut and paste the paper designs for both sides of your bauble designs, sandwiching the cardboard between the decorative papers for added support and strength.
  5. Use pliers and or wire cutters to dismantle your jewelry parts.
  6. Thread a needle with gold wire or thread and sew the pieces of metal and/or beads along the tops of the window shapes cut from your paper and cardboard.
  7. You may also wish to squeeze a bit of glue into the tiny holes left by your needle to strengthen the cardboard after you have sewn in the jewelry parts.
  8. At the top of your baubles, punch a hole and thread in a  loop of wire for the hanger. 
  9. Glue on small, accordion shaped pieces of cup cake liner at the top of each ornament to imitate a bauble cap.
Close up photos of Christmas ornaments made with costume jewelry parts, cardboard and decorative papers. Left, the flower petal shapes are repeated in the paper. Center, the paper edges were cut with pinking shears in order to imitate the zig-zag lines in the paper's print. Right, the circular shapes found in the printed paper are also repeated with the edition of both wooden and metal jewelry parts.
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