Sunday, July 13, 2014

Wrap A Cotton Batting Christmas Bell

Click directly on the jpg. to get a closer look at this cotton batting Christmas
bell ornament.
Supply List:
  • white cotton balls
  • Christmas colored ric-rac
  • artificial holly leaf and berry pic
  • one large silver jingle bell
  • wire
  • white glue
  • masking tape
  • old egg carton (paper)
Step-by-Step Instructions:
  1. Cut out either a dome or pyramid shape portion of a paper egg carton to form and wrap with cotton batting strips.
  2. Reinforce the outside edges with masking tape and also cover the entire paper shape with masking tape. 
  3. Insert a wire through the top of the cone to the inside and twist it's end firmly around the metal loop of the jingle bell.
  4. Glue and wrap first a thin piece of cotton around the top part of the wire on the outer tip of your bell form in order to prevent the wire from slipping during the process of crafting your bell. I went ahead and wrapped my entire hook with glue and cotton. Then I twisted it into an eyelet shape. (see below, far right)
  5. Unravel the several cotton balls at a time so that you may work quickly.
  6. Now wrap your bell using layers of cotton batting and white glue. With each layer of glue let the bell dry. Always smooth down layers of glue into each application of cotton batting and end finally with a glue layer.
  7. Wrap Christmas colored rick-rac around the bell shape to decorate while the outside surface is still wet from the last application of glue.
  8. Twist and wrap the artificial holly leafs and berries for a finishing flourish.
  9. Don't forget to wrap a narrow row or two of cotton batting on the inside edge of your Christmas Bell ornaments as well.
Here you can see that I chose to use the pyramid section of a discarded paper egg carton in order to "build" my wrapped cotton bell. I used a bit of wire to twist and attach the jingle-bell to the interior of my bell. Thread this wire to through the top, outer tip of the form and then twist it into a loop for a hook to attach to. This will also insure that your bell is firmly attached to the inside of the paper form.

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