Wednesday, January 8, 2014

100 Victorian Scrap Resources

Large Online Victorian Scrap Collections:
  1. Albums & Scrapbooks from the Library Company of Philadelphia
  2. Emergence of Advertising in America - Duke Libraries
  3. Nursery Rhymes - Songs and Engravings
  4. Harvard Business School - Collection
  5. Victorian Trade Card Collection - Miami University
  6. History Buff
  7. Centre for Ephemera Studies
  8. St Bride Printing Library (UK)
  9. Sheaff: ephemera
  10. Victorian Valentines from Indiana University Lilly Library
  11. The Lewis Carroll Scrapbook Collection
  12. Historic Newspapers UK
  13. Musée de l'imprimerie de Lyon
  14. Manchester Metropolitan University Special Collections
  15. The John Johnson Collection of Printed Ephemera
  16. Wardrobes and Rabbit Holes by Cornell University
  17. The Texas Collection, Baylor University
  18. The Library of Birmingham
Victorian Clip Art Collections Online:
  1. The Graphics Fairy
  2. Raphael Tuck & Sons
  3. Averyl's Attic
  4. Victorian Christmas Clipart
  5. Carol Anne's Boutique
  6. Antique Art
  7. Vintage Feedsacks
  8. Grandma's Graphics
  9. Imagenes Vintage
  10. The Vintage Moth
  11. Vintage Catnip
  12. Vintage Holiday Crafts
Victorian Scrap From Journals:
  1. All Victorian Ephemera (restored versions by me!)
  2. Rose Angel's Album
  3. Lilac-n-Lavender
  4. Magic Moonlight Studio
  5. E. K. Duncan "My Fanciful Muse"
  6. Victorian Scrap from "Artfully Musing"
Victorian Scrap from Flickr Photostream:
  1. Antique Photo Album
  2. Cilla Waern Ljungstrom
Victorian Pinterest Boards:
  1. Victorian printable links by Linda
Victorian Scrap Collections from Picasa Web Albums:
  1. Victorian Scrap Designs
Victorian Scrap Merchants and Dealers:
  1. Antique Prints and Vintage Art
  2. Victorian Scraps
  3. Mangels Designs
  4. The Card Mine
  5. Carriage House Gifts
  6. The Victorian Villager
  7. Vintage Clip Art
  8. Whimzy Treasures
  9. Kate Greenway Cards
  10. Replica Nostalgia Packs
  11. T. Vennett-Smith
  12. The Ephemera Catalog
  13. The Victorian Era
  14. Ted Hake
  15. Beryl Peters Collection
  16. Quadrille by Valerie Jackson-Harris
  17. Vintagerio
Victorian Reprints: Cards, Ornaments, Gifts, Scrap Etc...
  1. Vintage Ornaments
  2. Vintage Holiday Historical
  3. Original Reproduction Victorian Greeting Cards
  4. Dresden Star Ornaments
  1. The Cartophilic Society of Great Britain
  2. Ephemera Society of America
  3. The Ephemera Society (UK)
  4. Cartophilic Society of New Zealand
  5. Australian Cartophilic Society
  6. National Library of Australia's Ephemera homepage;
  7. The Ephemera Society
  8. Ephemera Society of America
  9. Overview of the archives of the Ephemera Society of America
  10. The Gjenvick-Gjønvik Archives Ephemera Collections
  11. Eanian Collection of Ephemera at the British Library
  12. Ephemera in the State Library of Victoria, Australia
  13. Western Australian Ephemera in the State Library of Western Australia
  14. Library at Salve Regina University 
  15. The John Grossman Collection of Antique Images  printed ephemera of visual culture from 1820 to 1920.
  16. New Zealand Ephemera Society website
  17. Collection of ephemera of the Bibliothèque nationale de France
  18. at Louisiana Tech University
  19. "Sheaff: Ephemera".
Samples and Articles About Victorian Print:
  1. The Scrap Album
  2. Victoriana
  3. Victorian London by Lee Jackson
  4. Collectors Weekly
  5. Trade cards and the magic lantern
  6. Quack Cogitations
  7. The Trade Cards Zone
  8. Nancy Rosin's Victorian Treasury: The Valentine Resource
  9. Reggie's Victorian Trade Card Album
  10. Stevengraphs Bookmarks & Postcards Etc.
  11. The end of a (gluebook) era
  12. Meet the Original Scrapbookers
  13. Flower Language
  14. Victorian Valentine by Nancy Rosin
  15. 19th C. Victorian Flower Scraps
More Victorian Trade Card Links:
  1. The Trade Card Place
  2. Collectomania
  3. Cream of Cards
  4. Curioscape
  5. Kipsake
Research Victorian Subjects:
  1. The Victorian Literary Studies Archive

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