Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Manger Scherenscnitte Pattern by Kathy Grimm

A hand cut scherenscnitte of a manger scene.
        I have designed a brand new scherenscnitte pattern that our visitors may use for their personal crafts and for those crafts dedicated to the decorating of Chrismon trees! I cut my Chrismon of the baby Jesus in a manger from fine white drawing paper and then mounted the scherenscnitte onto heavy card stock covered with gold glitter.
       Teachers, parishioners and or pastors may wish to make heavy cardboard stencils from the pattern below so that little ones may trace, cut and paste their own contributions to your church's Chrismon tree. Or the stencil may be traced lightly onto a sheet of fine linen paper with the aid of a window or light table. Then adults can use either an x-acto knife or use 3-1/2" sharp pointed scissors to cut out the image of the baby Jesus cradled in a manger under the Star of David.

Scherenscnitte Pattern by Kathy Grimm © 2013
"Kid's Music video from the Kiddie Viddie series. - Song #4 from "Christmas Joy". Download this song for free at http://nubeat.org/ABCHscjT.html"

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  1. This is really nice, Kathy. Will you be posting any more patterns like this one?