Saturday, November 9, 2013

Make a Marshmallow Math Placemat to Count On For Christmas!

If you don't have access to a laminating machine, you may purchase alternative kinds of materials from many hobby stores and office supply outlets. These stores do sell individual sheets and/or packs of transparent adhesive covers for this kind of project. Just describe to them what you need to make with the craft project. Contact paper can also be used to waterproof children's placemats.
      How about assembling a cute little Christmas placemat for your early learner for the holidays? Parents or teachers can pre-cut the shapes from fun printed papers in advance. Then your young children can assemble and paste the large mug of Christmas cocoa onto a festive sheet of paper before laminating the entire mat. I also added a few Christmas stickers to my cocoa mugs. 
       Count how many marshmallows can fit inside your cocoa cup, or how high you can stack them before they fall! Try rolling dice to count out equivalent numbers of marshmallows too. Be careful, marshmallow math is not always so very reliable; the props often disappear the moment a parent's back is turned!

Above is a template, mug for hot chocolate or cocoa, that I have designed for this counting placemat project.
Make More Christmas Placemats with The Kids:
Wicked marshmallow experiment!

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