Saturday, November 9, 2013

Craft a Christmas Themed "Time For Tea Placemat"

      Parents and teachers can help little ones assemble this tea time placemat craft by tracing and cutting out the printable template below. I used some pretty Christmas patterned paper for my own sample shown on the right. I also layered the paper tea cups on top of a white doily and added two tea tags from some actual tea bags. I glued these as if they were steeping inside my tea cups. 
      Children can play simple math games will waiting for their lunch or tea + crumpets! Simply ad and subtract using the visual aid i.e. placemat and a few lumps of sugar thus:
  • Add the two together = counting all of the sugar cubes present in both tea cups.
  • Subtract the lower number of sugar cubes from the higher.
  • How many sugar cubes can you stack together within each tea cup?
  • How many lumps of sugar do you take in your tea? How about your companion?
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The downloadable, printable template of tea cups by Kathy Grimm
After photographing this Christmas tea placemat, I laminated it, minus the sugar cubes of course.

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