Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Make a Paper Plate Wreath With A Candle Inside

      I took a traditional children's craft, a paper plate wreath with candle, and made it a bit more interesting by crafting it three dimensionally. With these additional steps, this craft has become challenging enough to inspire a third or fourth grader. (students 9 to 10 years of age)

        Above is a series of step-by-step photos for this Christmas wreath project. You will need the following items to complete the craft:
  • scissors
  • white glue
  • 2 sturdy white paper plates
  • a toilet paper roll
  • masking tape
  • tin foil
  • child's tempera or acrylic paints in: green, yellow, blue, pink, orange, black and purple
  • narrow tinsel garland
  • a permanent ink, black felt tipped pen, thin nip
  • green and pale blue construction paper
  • tissue paper in orange, yellow and red
Directions for this Paper Plate Wreath With a Candle Inside:
  1. Cut a toilet paper roll in half, and paste it down to the lower end of one paper plate. Tape it also to the paper plate so that the glued surfaces will be given time to dry in place. This tube shape will later become your 3D candle. 
  2. Then take the second paper plate and cut the center out; following the indented circular edge of the plate. There is usually a raised embossed center circle on inexpensive, white paper plates. Your edge need not be perfectly cut. It will be eventually covered by added details.
  3. Then glue the two paper plate together with their top sides facing each other. See the picture above.
  4. Crush 3Dimensional balls with flat back from the foil. Mask the flat sides with the tape so that these will adhere to the paper plate well.
  5. Glue the foil balls to the front side of your wreath and allow the entire form to dry thoroughly over night before painting it.
  6. Layer masking tape over the foil balls so that paint will adhere to these easily. Paint them bright colors: orange, purple, yellow, and pink.
  7. Paint the interior of the wreath black and the surrounding leafy green parts of the wreath with green paint. 
  8. Let the paints dry.
  9. Now draw some pine twigs similar to the one shown just below with the black marker onto the green construction paper.
  10. Cut out the pine twigs and glue these to the surface of your pine wreath randomly. Also draw pine twigs where ever there is not a random layer of construction paper twigs added.
  11. Glue torn pieces of pale blue construction paper onto your candle shape and add the warm colored tissues for a flame. (see detailed photos below)
  12. Twist a gold metallic garland in and out of the wreath for added bling! I had to punch a few holes to the backside of my paper plate wreath in order to weave the garland through. 
  13. Add a little hook or loop of twine onto the back of your wreath and hang it onto a door or wall after this Christmas art project has dried.
A drawn example of a pine twig.
Close up of the Christmas baubles attached to the wreath and  made from foil, masking tape and paint.
A close-up photo of the paper candle made from a toilet paper tube and tissue paper.
Christmas Project similar to this one:

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