Sunday, August 4, 2013

Craft a Yarn Wrapped Star

I finally found a use for some of my Grandmother's old, mismatched buttons! I think these look charming on the yarn wrapped stars above. I can't wait to decorate with handmade ornaments, such as these, for Christmas this year!
      Here is a yarn wrapped star perfect for any folksy Christmas tree. It is constructed from ordinary, household materials that you can find in the drawers, recycling bins and craft boxes of almost anyone's home. You will need to collect the following items to make a star similar to the one I have completed above: masking tape, an old jar lid, a pair of old brass buttons, yarn (any color), newsprint and tacky white glue.
      The first part of this Christmas craft involves the wrapping or 'masking' of a star shape from a recycled jar lid and the crushing of newsprint. Cover the jar lid entirely with masking tape. This will enable the sticky white glue to adhere to the surface of your recycled star. Then crush the newsprint into a long thin tubular-like shape. Take your masking tape and wrap it around the crushed paper shape to form the points of the star along the edge of the jar lid; just as I have shown below. Then twist and wind the yarn in small areas using generous amounts of tacky white glue. Include a brass button glued to the center of both the front and back of the star to add a little sparkle to your homemade ornament.
Just Left, is what your star shape will look like before you begin to wrap it with yarn. One the right is star ornament with it's points wrapped first. I used a variegated yarn and several additional embroidery flosses to wrap my recycled yarn ornament.
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  1. I love the textures in yarn wrapped ornaments. These stars would look great hanging next to my knitted ornaments.