Thursday, July 18, 2013

Woodland Christmas Ornaments

       Woodland Christmas themes  often include bird fowl and small furry animals; here are just a few of the owls that I hang on my woodland themed Christmas tree every year. 
My little woodland owl ornaments are made of a wide selection of materials. Feathers, cones, seeds twigs crepe paper, mouth blown glass and even carved semi-precious stone are just a few of the materials used by those artists and craft companies that have contributed to my collection. I am particularly fond of owls.

A little woodland squirrel nibbling on an acorn. This little guy is made from cotton batting and dryer lint. He's finished off with a little rabbit fur in back to imitate a tail.

 Here is another woodland ornament tutorial mimicking a hornet nest.
I saved a preserved European queen hornet to attach to my woodland ornament.

Karen Snow shares her woodland Christmas ornament collection.

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