Sunday, July 7, 2013

Craft A Wool Lollipop Christmas Ornament

The finished wool lollipop looks surprisingly attractive, I think. This project is ordinarily crafted by little ones, but it just goes to show that the quality of materials can change the appearance of a craft dramatically! I intended to sell these at a fair but my adult children absconded them after I took these photographs.

       This spiral Christmas lollipop craft is just sophisticated enough for ages 10 and up to enjoy making. Indeed, adult crafters may even wish to use up their old supply of yarn making these ornaments for a Christmas craft fair. The quality of yarn will dictate the pricing of this handcrafted ornament. 
      Simply braid two or three colors of yarn together and then twist the braid into a lollipop shape, taping the back with masking tape as you form the spiral disk. You will need to make two, identical shapes for one ornament. Sandwich a wooden dowel between the two with a sticky craft glue and then finish the edges with more braid glued along the edge. Allow this to dry for a day and then reinforce the braid with a transparent thread by hand. Wrap up your lollipop with plastic or cellophane and tie it in place with a bow. If you wish to hang the lollipop as an ornament. twist a plain green wire behind the bow and leave enough length to it so that the pop may be tied to the tree.

Left to right: The braided woolen yarn; choose any length you wish depending on the size of your lollipop. A wooden dowel rod or chop sticks may be used for the handle. Then make two identical disk shapes with the yarn. As you twist these together back the disk shape with masking tape. And last, you can see that I've sandwiched the dowel rod between the braided disk shapes to create a professional looking ornament. Don't forget to add extra braid on the edge.
 The Chordettes sing "Lollipop" & "Mr. Sandman"
 Saturday Night Beech-Nut Show. February 22, 1958. Re-uploaded by request. Both performances included in this upload instead of being separated.

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