Friday, June 21, 2013

Paper Rosette Ornaments and Garlands

The photo below shows paper ornaments that I made with die-cuts of vintage Victorian children and paper cupcake liners. The cupcake liners eliminate the tedious work of dying, cutting, folding and gluing paper rosettes in order to fit the individual sizes of the dye-cuts pictured in the garland pictured on the right. 
      So why not go to such trouble, some of you dyed-in-the-wool crafters may be thinking? Don't the handmade rosette look better?  Well, yes, but the rosette paper ornaments below were crafted for profit. Patrons will not pay much for these paper ornaments, so one must find ways to pinch pennies in order to make a bit of money. These paper ornaments will sell for about $1.50 and the materials to make just one cost approximately 35 cents. This doesn't include labor of any kind. Therefore, it is necessary to find economical ways to produce craft for fairs in order to make the effort worth while. Tips such as these are very helpful for those of you who are as frugal as myself. I will endeavor to share more of them in future posts.

Die-cuts backed with rosettes made from cupcake liners are very inexpensive to produce. Purchase those cupcake liners in bulk during a discount sale at your local craft, hobby, grocery or specialty cake store. To assemble simply layer and paste the papers together according to size and taste. I cut out the centers of the cupcake liners so that only the accordion folded edge is used. This makes it easier to shape the folded paper ruffles to fit the project.
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