Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Song for Christmas

A Song for Christmas

Chant me a rhyme of Christmas--
Sing me a jovial song,--
And though it is filled with laughter,
Let it be pure and strong

Sing of the hearts brimmed over
With the story of the day--
Of the echo of childish voices
That will not die away.--

Of the blare of the tasseled bugle,
Ans the timeless clatter and beat
Of the drum that throbs to muster
Squadrons of scampering feet.

But, O, let your voice fall fainter,
Till, blent with a minor tone,
You temper your song with the beauty
Of the pity Christ hath shown,

And sing one verse for the voiceless;
And yet, ere the song be done,
A verse for the ears that hear not,
And a verse for the sightless one.

For though it be time for singing
A merry Christmas glee,
Let a low sweet voice of pathos
Run through the melody.

by James Whitcomb Riley.

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