Monday, March 18, 2013

Color Santa and The Children Who Visit Him

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"I always come to visit you at Christmas-time each year,
 But every time I come along I miss a face that's dear;
Some girlie is a woman grown, some boy is now a man,
But while the crop of kiddies lasts I'll do the best I can
To make you shout instead of cry,
And make you laugh instead of sigh!"

Color these children telling Santa what they want for Christmas.
These little twins are posing with Santa in front of their toys! You can color their piano, doll and crib just for fun.
Here is old Santa bring lots of toys and goodies to all the good children. Color his coat and bag whatever color you'd like.
The twins are giving Santa a big hug for Christmas. Color their chubby cheeks red just like Santa's hat.

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  1. I'm surprised to see these old-fashioned coloring pages here. I don't think that they are even listed under Google search. Your coloring pages for kids are very charming Kathy.