Monday, October 29, 2012

Frugal Stocking Stuffers.

Commercial candy stockings from 1918

The following list was updated in 2012
  1. Save some of the Halloween candy for the Christmas stocking. Choose the treats that are not marked in such a way as to identify it as "Halloween" treats.
  2. Collect small toy tokens from cereal boxes.
  3. Purchase small school supplies and art supplies for Christmas stockings while stocking up on school supplies during "back to school sales." Many stores do not charge for tax during this time in some states.
  4. Watch for sales and discounts all year long and buy for children's stockings during store wide clearances.
  5. Print out paper dolls from the internet and create a paper doll collection for your child for free!
  6. Make homemade fudge for your children and top it with their favorite candy treats. Pack the fudge in small tins.
  7. Collect small toys from yard sales. Make sure that the toys look unused. Sometimes you can find toys with tags still intact.
  8. Often times makeup or perfume retailers/companies will give away free samples of their products. These make perfect stocking stuffers for young teens. 
  9. Collect travel size lotions, soaps, shampoos etc... when your on a vacation; hotels give these away to their customers.
  10. Customize your own handmade coupon books.
  11. Start an ornament collection for your child and slip one into their stocking every year. 
  12. Trial sizes of cookies, candies, jams, coffee etc... are available at stores like World Market.
  13. Shop thrift stores for items like silk scarves, pocket books and vintage jewelry. 
  14. Homemade art supply kits. Mix up some play dough.
  15. The dentist gives away free wrapped toothbrushes and I always save these for Christmas Stockings.
  16. Include nuts and dried fruits in your stockings; my father always stuffed these into my stocking when I was a child.
  17. Record tapes or burn CDs of yourself reading a favorite storybook to your child. These kinds of gifts come in handy when your traveling across country in a car, plane or on a train. Children can look at their favorite book and listen to you read even when you are not there with them!
  18. Give small jars full of cookie decorating supplies and a treasure map to the cookie dough hidden deep inside the refrigerator. Make a game of helping mom or dad to celebrate Christmas with fresh baked cookies.
  19. Tuck extra toys inside a pair of cozy socks. For teens, you could add some fun nail polish inside a pair of toe socks. 
  20. Include mints, gum and sunglasses for teens to add to their stash of must haves.

Mistrot Bros. & Co. Christmas Ad from the Houston Daily, 1898. "... Let Industrial Houston's Greatest Store Fill Your Stockings With Sensible Holiday Gifts"
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