Saturday, October 6, 2018

DIY a Paper Mache Bell

I used vintage looking wrapping paper to cover this plastic bell shape. The "bell" was made from a recycled fruit cup.
       Here is a bit of an update to a classic kindergarten Christmas craft. In the past little ones have used paper cups for a similar bell shape. I've replaced that material here with a sturdier recycled, plastic fruit cup. Don't forget to add the jingle-bell for sound!

Supply List:
  • scrap wrapping paper
  • masking tape
  • recycled bell shaped plastic food containers
  • wire for the hanger
  • tiny jingle-bell
  • Mod Podge
  • white transparent glitter
  • stickers (optional)
Step-by-Step Instructions:
  1. Wash and dry plastic containers that once had food stuffs stored inside them.
  2. Poke a hole through the bottom of the container in order to twist a wire through for a hanger at the end of the craft process. Keep this hole clean from masking tape and paper mache.
  3. Cover the entire surface of the plastic container with masking tape, both inside and out.
  4. Using Mod Podge, layer clippings from wrapping paper both inside and out.
  5. You can also use stickers to decorate your bell. I've included a sample bell below showing Nativity stickers.
  6. Cover a wire with white tape or cotton batting and insert it through the hole, stringing a small jingle bell through it on the inside of the bell shaped ornament. Twist the wire in place.
The plastic fruit containers are covered completely in masking tape before the paper mache
process is applied. This helps the glue to stick properly to the smooth surfaces.

Sample Christmas bell crafted with Nativity stickers.

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