Sunday, December 3, 2017

DIY odds and ends tree stocking

       Sometimes simple ideas are the most appealing. I made this homespun Christmas stocking from scraps of left over wool and stray beads/buttons from earlier crafts. It was very easy to whip together and I didn't need to visit a sewing shop to acquire any of my supplies.

Above, a grey wool stocking depicting a faux feather tree trimmed with odds and ends from
my button box.
Supply List:
  • scrap wool felt (approx. 1/3 yard)
  • faux tree branches, chenille stems 
  • buttons and beads for tree ornaments
  • scraps for tree stand
  • embroidery needle and a variety of threads
  • dental floss for the hanger
  • red berries for the tips of the faux tree branches
Step-by-Step Instructions:
  1. With right sides facing together, pin a paper stocking pattern on top of your wool felt and cut out two sides of a Christmas stocking. (If you don't have a pattern there is one on this page.)
  2. Determine the side that you will use as the front and using a tiny whip stitch, sew on the chenille stems to look like a feather tree. (see the photo above)
  3. Applique a tree stand beneath it from felt scraps, I used a bit of green with gold floss. 
  4. Sew on beads, Christmas berries and buttons to trim your faux feather tree. 
  5. Sew together the two sides of your stocking with a blanket stitch using embroidery floss in any color that satisfies your taste. I used a ivory to gold variegated floss to stitch up the sides of my steel grey wool stocking.
  6. Leave the opening at the top, but sew around it's edges with the same fancy stitching in order to prevent the wool from unraveling over time.
  7. String together a handful of beads using your dental floss for strength. 
  8. Attach this beaded hanger to your wool stocking and now you are ready to decorate a mantle or Christmas branches with the woolen creation. 

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