Thursday, November 30, 2017

Paint Santa's peppermint express for the Christmas tree

Left, The sample wooden flat before it was drawn on, Right, I applied a drawing to the little engine using a soft number 2 pencil.
       The wooden train cut painted here was purchased in 2017 from a local hobby store in my home town. This project is the first of many that I have decided to upload at my Christmas hobby blog. Young students may use my ideas and drawings here to help them think about how they would like to paint a design for either this exact wooden train or any other similar woodcut of a train they may have among their craft supplies.
       I decided to draw Santa as my conductor. I painted the wheels like Christmas peppermint candies and gave the engine a snowy rooftop. The traditional red and green Christmas colors were also used to paint the engine's body parts. 

Here is my design idea for this particular wooden cut-out. You can make one just like it or,
just draw your own engine design for painting.
Left, bend a wire for the back of the ornament. Add a little glue and masking tape to hold it into place.
Center, now draw around the ornament on top of a piece of Christmas wrapping paper.
Cut out your shape and glue it to the backside of the ornament.
Right, papering the backside of your ornament hides the wire and tape.

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