Saturday, June 17, 2017

The Sheave of Wheat Chrismon

Above, you can see that I've painted the final
 Chrismon with gold metallic paint but you
could leave it natural looking if you like.
       A description of this Sheave of Wheat Chrismon it at Christian Clip Art Review.
       This faux sheave of wheat is made by first covering the outside of a paper tube with wheat stalks before gluing on the choicest kernals onto it's surface. By doing this you will: stretch your  budget and make the Chrismon lighter weight. 
       Note also that there is a difference between a sheave of wheat symbol and a singular wheat stalk Chrismon in symbolism. Although their meanings are related, these two symbols are not necessarily interchangeable. Many stalks bound together refers to a group of people.

Supply List:
  • hot glue gun and hot glue
  • preserved wheat stalks (pricey, I know)
  • cording to tie the stalk off
  • paper tube
  • masking tape
  • scissors
  • metallic spray paint (optional)
Step-by-step Directions:
  1.  First cut the length of a paper tube and shape it to the thickness you desire your sheave to have. Tape that shape in place. 
  2. Cover the tube entirely with masking tape.
  3. Cut the straw parts of the wheat to cover the tube entirely using hot glue. It isn't necessary to measure these so much; they are easily cut even after applying them to the tube. 
  4. Select the nicest kernels and leaving these attached to an identical straw length to that of your "sheave" tube, proceed to hot glue these to the ornament every 1/4 of an inch around the outside of the tube.You will need far fewer of them to make your Chrismon sheave look full, had you simply bound a giant handful of wheat stalks. This way of making the ornament may be a bit fussy but it allows for the finished product to be considerably lighter weight.
  5. Tie a rough looking cord around the sheave and trim.
  6. Spray paint the Chrismon metallic gold to match the traditional color scheme of a Chrismon tree if you like. I actually prefer the natural gold color.
Left, the cording and preserved wheat stalks for my project. Center, paper towel tubing cut and
masked prior the hot gluing the straw on them. Right a finished Sheave of Wheat Chrismon unpainted.

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