Monday, June 5, 2017

Craft a Snow House for A Christmas Display!

Crafting snow houses was very popular during the Victorian era. Most antique snow houses are valued for hundreds of dollars; that is why I decided to make my own, of course.
        This snow house began as little shed that was donated to a resale shop for charity. In it's original state it was quite unextraoridinary, dusty and unattractive. I purchased a wooden picket fence at a local hobby store for a few dollars and added a bottle brush tree and wreath. The snow baby was made by gluing a Sculpy face onto a popcycle stick and wrapping a simple gown of snow white cotton batting with white glue. 
       I wrapped the interior walls, roof, base and outside walls with sheets of cotton batting and white glue. The cotton batting icicles where crafted using the method found here.
       The final touch, transparent glitter, gives the finished product a fresh looking layer of ice.
A tiny snow baby lives here along with a lovely bottle brush tree and wreath.
I covered my recycled Christmas house with masking tape prior to wrapping the walls with cotton batting.

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