Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Craft Your Own Reproduction Retro Elf Drummer

This little retro drummer was made in 1967.
   Some of you may remember hanging drumming elves on your Christmas tree when you were quite small. You could make these for your own tree now with just a bit of glue and paper.  Don't fidget over getting your own to look just like the one above though. His felt clothing has faded and the paper drum has turned yellow with age. Make your own bright and charming for the next generation to remember.

Pattern pieces for the elf's hat and collar.
Supply List:
  • Paper tube, such as a toilet paper tube
  • scissors
  • decorative paper
  • narrow decorative ribbon
  • holy leaf and berry sequins
  • 1 inch Styrofoam ball
  • a bit of grey felt or any color you like for the hat and sleeves
  • a small piece of white felt for the collar
  • yarn for hair
  • nylon stocking, any flesh color
  • permanent black and red ink marker (felt tip)
  • one chenille stem (matched to nylon stocking in color)
  • white tacky glue
  • light weight cardboard
  • pencil 
  • a razor or craft knife 
  • metallic string for the hanger 
  • pink soft pastel or blush from your makeup kit
  • needle with a large eye
Step-by-Step Instructions:
  1.  Cut 1 1/2 inch section from the paper tube. 
  2. Hold this paper tube against the light weight cardboard and draw around it's circumference. Repeat and cut two of these cardboard circles. 
  3. Use a bit of glue to attach the cardboard circle cut-outs to the bottom and top of the paper drum.
  4. Cut from the decorative sheet of paper a 1 1/2 strip of paper approximately six inches long if you are using a standard size toilet paper roll. This should cover the paper drum neatly. Apply the tacky glue to secure the paper to the paper roll. 
  5. Cut out matching paper circles to cover the top and bottom of the drum.
  6. Paste down a decorative ribbon along the top and bottom edges of the drum.
  7. Tack on the sequin holly leaves and berries.
  8. Cut two inches from your chenille stem for the drummer's arms.
  9. Wrap the chenille stem with a bit of grey felt to create sleeves. Tack this felt down with tacky glue.
  10. Bend the chenille stem to form two arms and glue this piece to the top of the drum.
  11. Cut the 1 inch Styrofoam ball in half with a razor or craft knife.
  12. Wrap and pin a small piece of nylon around one of the Styrofoam balls and pin it down at the back flat side of the Styrofoam head.
  13. Glue a small piece of yarn at the brow of the elf.
  14. Wrap the felt hat piece about the top of the head with some tacky glue. Let it dry
  15. Cut another two inches of felt. Stab the chenille stem through the bottom of the elf's head to act as a neck.
  16. Cut the collar from the white felt.
  17. Stick the other end of the stem through the round collar and cardboard drum top between the arms with a little tacky white glue.
  18. Draw eyebrows, eye lashes on with the black permanent marker.
  19. Draw the lips with a red permanent marker.
  20. Add a bit of blush to his checks with a soft pink pastel or makeup.
  21. Cut the metallic string and thread it through a needle. Sew on the hanger.

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