Sunday, December 18, 2016

A Cool Balancing Act Ornament Craft

Left, the snowman before his features are glued on and painted. Right, the finished result.
       This little snowman balances snowballs and one tiny red bird on his arms and hat. He has faux black coal bits for eyes and buttons and a bright orange carrot for a nose. He's a jolly cute addition for any Christmas tree this holiday season.

Supply List:
  • Q-tips
  • white cotton balls
  • white school glue
  • paper egg carton
  • acrylic paints: orange, green, red and black
  • masking tape
  • newsprint
  • wire for the hanger
  • scissors
  • transparent glitter
Step-by-Step Instructions:
  1. crush three balls from the newsprint and cover these with masking tape. 
  2. Tape the snowball body parts together.
  3. Poke holes where ever you would like his arms to be with the tip of your scissors.
  4. Squeeze a generous portion of white glue into these holes and press the Q-tip arms inside the cavities. Let the body dry.
  5. Unravel a generous portion of white cotton balls.
  6. Apply white glue to the masked surfaces of your snow persons body and wrap the cotton around the form excluding the O-tip arms. 
  7. Apply maybe three to four layers of cotton batting always layering it with white glue. 
  8. Cut a little paper cap from the egg carton and glue this to the top of his head.
  9. shape a carrot nose, coal eyes and buttons, plus snowballs and a small bird from the cotton batting. Ad small amounts to the batting as you do this and let these tiny parts dry.
  10. Glue on the miniature features and let the snowman dry thoroughly before painting him.
  11. Paint his features using fast drying paints.
  12. Apply one last coat of white glue to his body and sprinkle on top some transparent glitter.
My snowman is finished and hangs on the Christmas tree
 branch very careful not to drop and single snowball.

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