Monday, January 5, 2015

Craft a Plum Pudding Ornament from A Hollow Egg

Close up photographs of my Christmas plum pudding made from a hollow egg shell.
       This Christmas pudding is designed to hang from a tree. It is crafted from a hollow egg and it is so light weight that it may be hung from the most delicate of tree branches.

A very light weight plum pudding ornament for the tree.
Supply List:
  • sharp embroidery needle
  • fresh, uncooked egg
  • small bowl
  • white glitter
  • white puff paint
  • small red berries and green leaf for trim (artificial)
  • brown acrylic paint
  • tiny paint brush
  • twine for hanging
  • white tacky craft glue
  • rubbing alcohol
  • clear nail polish
Step-by-Step Instructions:
  1.  First you will need to blow the contents of an egg from it's shell. Use a sharp embroidery needle to poke two holes into the top and bottom of a raw egg. Dip a tissue into a bit of rubbing alcohol and wipe down the surface of the egg so that it is clean. Position your lips over the smaller of the two holes and blow the raw yolk out of the lower hole. You can watch a video here to see just how this may be done.
  2. After blowing out the yolk, shake the egg to listen and make sure that it is indeed empty. Set the egg out on top of paper towels to dry completely before painting it.
  3. Take your tacky craft glue and adhere your choice of berries and green leafs to the top narrow half of the egg. Let this application dry completely.
  4. use a generous amount of translucent or white puff paint to drip underneath the trims and to drip down the side of your egg. This is puff paint is the vanilla sauce of your Christmas pudding.
  5. Sprinkle white glitter on this puff paint before it dries. Let the egg dry.
  6. Using a delicate, small paint brush, apply a brown cinnamon looking layer of paint to the lower half of the egg. Carefully avoid painting into the faux vanilla sauce.
  7. After the paint dries apply a coat of clear nail polish to the painted surface areas.
  8. Strategically tie a braided cord to the tip of a berry in order to hang the Christmas pudding from a tree.
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