Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Craft a Shabby Chic Pink Silk Bauble

Many people would look at this handcrafted bauble and think that it is Victorian but it's not; it is most definitely Shabby Chic. Why? you may ask? The Victorians were actually sticklers for symmetry. Those who are Shabby Chic fanatics sometimes love Victorian designs and hang these on their Christmas trees. But true Victorian Christmas collectors would never mistaken one for the other. In either case, both are over-the-top if you ask me!
      This pink silk bauble is extravagantly bodacious or eccentrically glamorous or just maybe a really ridiculous ornament. It was made by a Shabby Chic zealot and designed especially for a Shabby Chic Christmas tree. All you actually need to know is how to use a hot glue gun without burning yourself, in order to craft a similar project. I still burn myself after twenty years of using hot glue guns. 
       You may need to scour a few resale shops to find the silk covered baubles. Some years these are sold through drug store outlets, hobby and craft or dollar store, but this year these seem to be a bit scarce. 
       Glue the braid onto the sides of your bauble first so that it will be easier to position the broaches in the center of each half of the ornament. The egg shaped baubles are more versatile because they may be used for both Christmas and Easter decorating.

Supply List:
  • buff pink velvet ribbon
  • egg shaped ivory silk bauble
  • an old broach and an old pearl earring
  • heavy metallic braid, silver or gold
  • hot glue gun
  • both pearl head and plain pins
How to make Shabby Chic angel ornaments

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