Friday, December 5, 2014

How to Sew Sock Snowmen Ornaments

Left, is a sock snowman made by my younger child when she was eight
 or nine years old. Right, is the snowman that I made while working along
with her during the family craft project. I can recall her giggles while
making these even now. Her snowman hangs on our family tree and mine
on her own tree in her bedroom.
       Sock snowmen are so easy to craft that your children can craft these along with you. They make great introductory assignments for a children's sewing class too. 
       Always be sure to give young people new needles to work with and do not allow them to share their needles with any other person. Keep peroxide on hand for accidental pricks!

Supply List:
  • clean, white tube socks (infant sizes)
  • additional decorative Christmas themed socks (infant sizes)
  • solid colored socks and fabric scraps
  • pom poms
  • buttons, beads and ribbons
  • needle and white thread
  • dental floss
  • cotton batting for stuffing
  • Sharp scissors 
Step-by-Step Directions:
  1.  Cut the top half of each white tube sock where the heal meets the ankle. This is the part of the tube sock that you will use to sew your snowman's body.
  2. Sew a straight stitch (with dental floss) across one end of the tube and then turn the sock inside out before stuffing it with cotton batting. It doesn't really matter if you choose the smooth side or the textured side to face outside for the body. This is a matter of preference.
  3. Sew the open end of the tube closed using a slip stitch and the dental floss. The floss is stronger and will stand up to wear.
  4. Thread/knot the floss on your needle again and then hand bast around the center of your stuffed figure, while pushing the stuffing to the left or right to form snow ball like shapes in the tube. Pull the basting firmly into place and back stitch over it so that it will not come loose. You may like to do this more than once in order to sew a snowman with multiple torso parts.
  5. You can dress your snow person by cutting up more decorative socks for his cap, sweater and scarf. Whenever you attach an additional knit piece be sure to turn under and slip stitch the ruff edges, otherwise these will unravel over time.
  6. Sew on buttons and beads to make interesting, quirky expressions.
  7. Tack on ribbon for hanging these funny little guys on your tree.
These sock snowmen are made with rubber bands and rice. 
A little too heavy for the tree but delightful to decorate 
tables and chimney mantels with.

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