Sunday, December 7, 2014

Calvary Episcopal's Famous Church Bazaar

      Ready to wait in line? Calvary Episcopal's Annual St. Nickolas Advent Bazaar in Columbia Missouri is so famous that folks have to stand in line in order to get the chance to purchase one of their church mice ornaments! Ladies of Calvary Episcopal have been making these little critters for charity since the 1970s and, boy, they are cute. They also hold raffles for larger quilted crafts and serve a fine hot breakfast for visitors. After all, if you've got to wait in the cold to buy an ornament, you will surely need breakfast to warm you up afterwards.

"Today Paul Pepper and ELIZABETH BRAATEN PALMIERI talk about GreenHouse Theatre Project's version of "Our Town," opening next Wednesday in the gallery of the Orr Street Studios in Columbia. At [4:18] LIZ SCHMIDT and KATHY DIGGES bring on the mice! It's time once again for the Calvary Episcopal Church Bazaar. There's something for everyone - watch for details! December 5, 2014"

Featured Artist is Frank Stack

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