Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Pin a Sequin Drum for Your Vintage Inspired Tree

Sequin ornaments like this little snare drum are becoming very
popular among ornament collectors. I often find them tossed 
into plastic baggies and sold in bunches at garage sales. If you 
aren't lucky enough to find the real vintage ones, you can make
them yourself. I've included directions below for those of you 
who can manage to purchase the polystyrene or Styrofoam drum 
shapes on the web.  This little drum shape is not as easy to find
in hobby or craft shops anymore.
 Supply List:
  • 2 inch diameter and 1 1/2 inch tall Polystyrene shaped drums or Drum-shaped Styrofoam pieces
  • 8mm diameter cup sequins: red, green and white
  • red, green and white seed beads
  • star sequins
  • flat head pins
  • tacky white glue
  • white pipe cleaner or chenille stem
  • gold beads
  • 1/2 yard of gold ribbon for trim
  • thin gold twine
Step-by-Step Directions:
  1. Before pinning your drum, you will need to mark diagonal lines with a soft pencil on the side of your Styrofoam drum. Also leave a strip of space at both the top and the bottom of the side edges unpinned. The width of these strips should be the same as the gold ribbon you will be using to trim the edges of your drum.
  2. Thread one seed bead onto your pin and then also a sequin of the same color.  Touch the tip of each pin with a bit of white glue as you pin to hold your work in place after the glue dries.
  3. Next pin four rows of red sequins following the diagonal pencil marks. Follow these four rows with four rows of white, then green sequins. 
  4. Use a bit of tacky glue to adhere the gold ribbon around the top and bottom edges of the drum's sides.
  5. Pin gold beads through the gold trim allowing approximately 1/2 inch between each bead.
  6. Twist the gold twine gently around each gold bead, there should be ten of these at the top and ten at the bottom. Look at the photos above and below to visualize this chris-cross pattern made by the twine.
  7. Cut and pin a little loop for one end of the drum to hang a hook from.
  8. Bend a white pipe cleaner 2 1/2 inches long in half and pin this down on top of the drum with a small piece of gold trim. Glue on a gold bead to each end of this pipe cleaner. This stem mimics the drum sticks for your sequin snare drum. 
  9. Pin a few seed beads plus starry sequins to both the top and the bottom of your Styrofoam drum and add a wire for hanging this little vintage drum.
Different angles of a small sequin snare drum made in the 1950s or 1960s for the Christmas tree.

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