Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Paint Faux Stained Glass Baubles

       I painted these faux stained glass baubles approximately ten years ago. I used some specialized products to achieve this unusual stained glass effect. The Gallery Glass® products have been around for a long time. If you can not find them in a shop near you, you can visit the company online and order the supplies yourself. I've included a link to their website below with one of their videos.

Supply list:
  • A colorful selection of Gallery Glass® Window Color: pearly white, red and blue
  • I used Gallery Glass Redi-Lead Strips (thin black)
  • acrylic silver paint 
  • large clear glass baubles
  • a china marker or grease pencil
  • X Acto knife
Step-by-Step Instructions:
  1. Clean the surfaces of your glass baubles to insure maximum contact with the Redi-Lead Strips. Use Windex or vinegar and let the glass ornament dry.
  2. Draw a design on your glass bauble using a china marker or grease pencil. You won't see these marks because your going to cover them up with the Redi-Lead Strips.
  3. Apply the Redi-Lead Strips on top of your lines made with the china marker to create a simple pattern. These strips stick but can be moved around for a few seconds before the tacky surface dries. I cut my strips into clean, precise angles using an X Acto knife as I laid them onto the glass surface.
  4. You may choose to use Gallery Glass Liquid instead. This liquid version of "leading" is more difficult to use on baubles, however.
  5. Use Gallery Glass® Window Colors to fill in the spaces between your designs.
  6. I painted the lead stripping using a silver acrylic paint on my glass baubles, but you can leave the black color if you wish. 
  7. Let the paint dry before hanging the baubles. Learn how to lead with 
Gallery Glass Liquid Lead and Redi-Lead strips!
 Join Carol Smith as she takes you through the process.

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