Wednesday, November 5, 2014

How to Make Vintage Chenille Stem Santas and Snowmen

I pasted cotton batting balls to the top of my chenille stem figures and then
added a variety of tiny trims to finish my Santa and snowman ornaments: a tiny
 bottle brush wreath, red ribbon, a small cotton batting top hat and a few
red winter berries.
      Traditional chenille stem figures were wrapped with Bump Chenille stems. Each stem had and still does have four "bumps" per wire. You can make one character with one piece of Bumpy Chenille just like the vintage ones sold in old catalogs or on ebay.  Most craft or hobby shops carry Bump Chenille but if you can not find it in a shop, search the internet and order it ahead of time for this easy old-fashioned, vintage craft.
Step-by-Step photos of twisting a chenille stem figure.
  1. Cut one bumpy piece of chenille stem with two bumps and a second piece with only one. The two bumps will be the legs of your tiny armature and the single bump with be the arms.
  2. Position the single bump in the center of the double cut bump wire and then twist the double cut bump wire around the arms to shape the body. (shown above)
  3. Now your ready to paste on a tiny bead or picture for a head.
  4. Twist the tips of your arms where the hands of your figure would obviously be to hold tiny bottle brush trees, a miniature sack of toys, a tiny candy cane etc...
  5. These light weight ornaments are perfectly suited to hang for a feather tree or you can even decorate a package with them.
These tiny Bump Chenille stem figures will be hung from my feather tree for Christmas.
 Vintage Chenille:

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