Tuesday, November 18, 2014

How to Make a Paper Doily Angel

My version of a paper doily angel includes also a metallic
cupcake liner and accordion shaped wings. I left the face
blank because I thought it fitting for a stylized angelic
Supply List:
  • (2) 4inch white paper lace doilies
  • tacky white glue
  • white school glue
  • hot glue gun
  • approx. 1/2 inch spun cotton head (white cotton balls to make)
  • tooth picks
  • metallic thread for hanger/hair
  • 1 metallic cupcake liner
Step-by-Step Instructions:
  1. Cut one paper doily in half.
  2. Shape one of these clippings into a cone and glue it along it's edge overlapping the two sides slightly. Set this cone aside to dry.
  3. Cut from the second clipping two sleeves. You will need to shorten these a bit in order to keep the arms in proportion with the skirt. Shorten the sleeves by cutting off the pointed half of each cutting. Use a toothpick to help you roll and shape the sleeves. Glue the edges together with white tacky glue. Set these tiny cone shaped sleeves aside to dry.
  4. Shape the cotton batting head by breaking a toothpick in half and wrapping a wad of cotton batting around it's tip. Add white school glue as you wrap the head shape. Set this piece aside to dry as well.
  5. Cut out the center of one metallic cupcake liner. Cut 3/4 of the accordion strip for the bottom ruffle of the angel's skirt and save the shorter ruffle for the top half of the angel's dress.
  6. Glue the longer metallic ruffle to the inside of the cone shaped skirt using a hot glue gun.
  7. Hot glue the second shorter ruffle around the top of the cone shaped skirting.
  8. Now use the white tacky glue to add a sleeve to either side of the angel's dress.
  9. Snip off a very small point of the cone dress to insert the cotton batting head.
  10. Use white tacky glue to adhere the head to the top of the cone shaped dress. It also helps to secure the head with glue on the inside of the cone shaped dress.
  11. Now finish the front of the dress by adding another clipping of the lace doily at the angel's collar.
  12. Hot glue a gold metallic loop to the backside of the angel's dress to hang the angel with.
  13. Cut a second doily in half and accordion fold each clipping. 
  14. Hot glue the wings to the backside of the paper doily angel covering the end tip of the metallic hanger.
  15. Wrap neatly a piece of gold twine in a circular fashion around the top of the angel's head using tiny amounts of hot glue as you go.
  16. I did not prefer to add a face to this stylized paper angel but you can add a few simple features if you wish.
Far left, my 4" doilies. Next, you will need two doilies cut in half for the project. Center, see how the sleeve sections are cut. Right, the simple cotton batting head is easy to wrap and shape from a cotton ball, half a toothpick and some white school glue.
Left, half of the paper doily folded into a cone shaped skirt. Center, tiny sleeves for the paper angel's arms. Right, it only takes one metallic cup cake liner to jazz this paper angel up a bit.
This is how the paper doily looks in the round before I have added the wings and hair/halo.
Watch these creative sisters craft a similar version on video. This angel includes a wooden bead for her head and yarn for her hair instead of my cotton batting head with gold twine for my angel's hair. Their version also excludes the foil cupcake liner.

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