Monday, November 17, 2014

DIY Sea Shell Star Ornament

This sea shell ornament is as light as a feather, no really!
Supply List:
  • metallic beads
  • quilter's thread (white)
  • plastic chocolate shell mold
  • sheet of cotton batting (quilt liner)
  • paper clay
  • light weight beading wire
  • star shaped cookie cutter
  • white tacky glue
Step-by-Step Instructions:
  1.  String metallic beads on a thin wire.
  2.  Shape the length of this beaded wire around a star shaped cookie cutter and twist together the joined ends.
  3. Thread your needle with quilter's thread.
  4.  Position your beaded star on top of a sheet of cotton batting used for lining quilts. Now whip stitch together the beaded wire and batting. Follow the entire outline of the beaded star.
  5.  Cut out your cotton star shape and repeat the process again with an additional layer of cotton batting liner. Cut around the second layer again.
  6.  Now whip stitch around the parameter of of the star attaching a random selection of metallic silver and gold beads.
  7.  Open your paper clay and quickly mold shells from your plastic chocolate mold. Let these light weight shell shapes dry.
  8. You can trim the edges of the paper clay if you need to after the shells dry.
  9. Use super tacky glue to attach the paper clay shells to the cotton batting star ornament.
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  1. I 'm going to try this one soon. I think I will stain the batting with a pale aqua green soak first though. What do you think?


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