Thursday, November 13, 2014

Craft a Cotton Batting, Birch Yule Log Ornament

The front and back views of my Birch Yule Log Christmas ornament.
Birch trees click to read more about this species.
Supply List:
  • two toilet paper rolls
  • scissors
  • white school glue
  • grey dryer lint
  • white cotton balls
  • black thread
  • holly and berry trims
  • tiny mushroom bird
  • masking tape
  • cotton covered wire
Step-by-Step Directions:
  1.  Cut and shape the two toilet paper rolls or any paper tubes to resemble a cut log. I choose to make this birch log shape a little narrower than the original circumference of an average toilet paper roll. I cut my two rolls length wise and curled them tighter before masking them with tape. 
  2. I cut down the size of one of the rolls and added a bit of glue to it's edge, then used masking tape to firmly attach the appendage to one end of my log.
  3. Mask the entire form with tape before gluing on the dryer lint and cotton batting.
  4. Unravel your cotton balls several at a time so that you can work quickly.
  5. Apply white glue to sections of the log's surface as you layer the lint and cotton onto the cardboard tubes. 
  6. Give your Yule log time to dry between applications. I also layered dryer lint on the end interior surfaces of my log. I left parts of the log open however, in order to insert a letter or small money gift into the ornament later.
  7. Once the log looks the way you wish it to, wrap black thread around it randomly to enhance the total realistic look of Birch bark. 
  8. Use the tip of your scissors to poke a hole in either end of your finished log and insert a cotton covered wire to shape a handle for the ornament. 
  9. I also wrapped a few vintage wired holly leaves/berries around this handle.
  10. Glue on a little prefabricated mushroom bird to the top of your Yule log ornament too.
  11. Now add a final thin coat of white glue to the finished piece and you are finished.
A few odd angles of the Yule log.
More About Yule Logs:

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