Friday, October 17, 2014

Turned, Wooden Christmas Ornaments from My Own Collection

Here is a selection of miniature, wooden Christmas ornaments from my own collection. I picked these up in a box for $1.50 during a garage sale. I usually hang ornaments such as these from tabletop Christmas trees.
Left, an elf riding a green wooden sleigh. Right, a wooden reindeer pulls an old-fashioned country sled.
Wooden train engines and planes were also popular themes in mass produced wooden Christmas ornaments during the 1950s.
Mr. and Mrs Claus the North Pole and a rocking horse made from wooden parts for the Christmas market place. Ornaments such as these were often sold through JCPenny, Mongomery Wards and Woolworth Christmas catalogs during the mid 20th century.
Three views of a wooden soldier riding a white hobby horse and carrying a sword.
Soldiers, Mrs. Claus and ice skater all made from turned and flat wooden pieces glued together in an Asian factory.
Angel and two snowmen made from turned wooden parts.
I believe this little wooden cow with fine detailed miniature parts is from Germany.
German incense smoker
      The Räuchermann, erzgebirgisch Raachermannel is a wooden "incense smoker", the invention of toy makers in the Ore Mountains and used to burn down cone incense, known as Räucherkerzchen.
      The Räuchermann was first mentioned in 1850 and is nowadays a common component in the Ore Mountain Christmas tradition. For this, a cone incense is set on first, then put on the lower part of the bifid wood figurine. The upper part is hollowed out and put on top of the first part. The cone incense burns down inside of the hollow figurine, the smoke leaving the mouth hole of the Räuchermann. Before the Räuchermann was invented, cone incense was displayed and burnt down in the open.
      During Christmas time, Räuchermänner are displayed together with Schwibbogen candle arches, miners' figurines, angels and Christmas pyramids.
      Several kinds of wooden figurines exist, traditionally displaying craftsmen of the region, such as foresters, peddlers, miners, and soldiers. Today, they exist in many more forms, including the so-called edgesitters, which can be placed on the edge of the table, small sceneries of several Räuchermänner (such as a group playing Skat), and also female Räuchermänner, called Räucherfrauen. According to the Guinness Book of Records, the largest Räuchermann in the world is in the Miniaturenpark Kleinwelka in Bautzen.

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