Thursday, October 23, 2014

Craft Cinnamon And Spice Dough Ornaments

      I found this cinnamon dough recipe on the internet and used it to mold leaves and acorns for my Thanksgiving Blessing Tree. Their spicy smells remind me of apple cider, pumpkin pie and cinnamon infused maple flavored cookies and candies.
Left, the mold that I used was plastic. Molds like these may be easily purchased in your local hobby store. Right, you can see what my molded acorns and leaves look like after these have hardened in the oven.
I tied the acorns and fall leaves made from cinnamon dough
together with a brown and white cotton ribbon. I will hang
these aromatic molded pieces from a Blessing tree this fall.
  • 1 cup cinnamon
  • 1 cup applesauce (drained through a fine mesh sieve)
  • 2 Tablespoons of white school glue
  • wire and ribbon for hanging
  • Tools you will need include: wax paper, glass bowl, rolling pin, counter or chopping block and molds or cookie cutters.
  1. Mix together 1 cup of cinnamon, 1 cup of drained applesauce and two tablespoons of white school glue. The dough should be a firm consistency. If it is too soft add cinnamon; if it is too dry and doesn't stick together add a bit more glue.
  2. You may either roll out the dough between sheet of wax paper before cutting it with a cookie cutter or you can press dough directly into a plastic mold and then remove it immediately to dry on a cookie baking sheet. 
  3. I put my molded leaf and acorn shapes into a 200 degree oven to dry out. This took approximately one hour and thirty minutes. The length of time needed to dry out the molded cinnamon dough ornaments depends upon the humidity of the room and the amount of heat used inside the oven. The thickness of your ornaments will also predetermine the amount of time needed to dry out the ornaments.
  4. I poked a small hole into each of my molded pieces before drying them out so that I could string them together afterwards.
  5. Shape and insert thin wires into the holes provided for hanging. 
  6. Tie on the ribbon. 

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