Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Sew Snowmen Heads From Frabric Remnants

Two views of the same ornament. His snowy parts are made from fake fur.
      In order to sew these funny little fabric snowmen, all you need are a few fabric remnants and a couple of matchless socks. 
      I traced around a small dish to make circular stencils for both of my snowman heads. I then selected some left over artificial, white fur scraps to use for their faces.
      Use a few matchless socks to dress the furry little guys with caps and mufflers. I didn't bother to measure for the winter wear; I just stitched onto their heads the scraps of fabric that I had on hand. 
      The snowman with a jester cap and a ruffled collar was made in the same way. I recommend that you sew these bulky scraps together with either a very strong thread or with dental floss using invisible stitches. Then you may add a bit of fancy blanket stitching to the finished seams. This will prevent the unraveling of the knit stockings/socks as you are cutting them up and attaching them to the snowman's head. 
This snowman head is a dressed like a court jester.
      I mixed together a bit of baker's clay to shape a couple of orange carrot noses. This kind of clay is easy to mix together but if I were to make these fabric snowmen again I would purchase a small package of low fire clay at a hobby shop to sculpt their facial features instead. Each of these snowmen have tiny pom-pom smiles and old white button eyes sewn to the furry heads. 
      I love the old-fashioned charm of ornaments like these. They always seem to turn out a bit quirky.
      It is also nice to have a selection of stuffed, plush ornaments to hang around the lower sections of a Christmas tree because they can not be broken by curious little hands and an occasional sniff from the family dog. I suppose you could say it is one of the many odd little habits of our family.

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