Friday, July 25, 2014

Pin Together a Victorian Sequin Bauble

A Victorian inspired bauble decorated with green
sequins, white pearl beads, gold braid and
decorative ribbons.
      This sequin pinned bauble is reminiscent of the Victorian Era, although it was crafted in the 1960s. The Victorians were known for adding many layers of frills to decorate surfaces of novelties and ornaments. All you need for a craft such as this is a variety of trims: ribbons, pearly beads, sequins, gold braids and two packages of straight pins, white glue and a Styrofoam bauble.
      This ornament was made with a pear shaped Styrofoam ball, narrow side turned down.
      Use a permanent ink pen to mark off sections of your Styrofoam ball so that the design that you choose to replicate is evenly spaced on all four sides. You will be covering the ball completely so do not hesitate to mark it up in order to guide yourself through the first steps of the process.
      Start by pinning the ribbons first and whenever you push a pin into the ribbon or sequin, dip it into a bit of white glue so that your design will stay in place.
      Next pin the gold braids. You may wish to add a bit of tacky white glue to the back of these just to ensure that the braid is firmly adhered to the ball's surface. Don't forget to keep dipping your pins into the white glue as you work.
      Lastly, pin the sequins and beads into the bauble and pin into the top a fancy ribbon for hanging.  This Victorian Christmas ornament craft is a very simple activity with lovely results!

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  1. My grandmother used to make these. She had an entire set in pink and ivory colors.

  2. I would love to see that collection.