Sunday, July 13, 2014

Make a Vintage 1950s Popsicle Stick Angel

A gold trimmed and painted Popsicle Stick Angel ornament from the 1950s.
      I believe this Popsicle Stick Angel ornament was handmade in the 1950s. All you need are a few simple craft supplies to make one similar to the one depicted here. She does, however, have a cotton batting head that could just as easily be substituted for a wooden bead if you would prefer.

Supply List:
  • three large Popsicle sticks
  • tacky white glue
  • a large wooden bead or a cotton batting bead for the head of the angel
  • permanent markers (black and red)
  • gold trims and braids
  • gold sequin stars
  • white and skin colored acrylic paint and a paint brush
  • gold cord for hanger
  • an Exacto knife or very sharp scissors
  • hot glue and hot glue gun or tacky white glue
Step-by-Step Directions:
  1.  Cut one of the Popsicle sticks in half using the Exacto knife or sharp scissors. Do so with a diagonal cut so that the two pieces will resemble the simply shaped wings of the angel ornament shown above.
  2. Paint the Three sticks white on all sides and edges. Let these dry.
  3. Paint the head of the angel a flesh color of any variety that pleases you.
  4. Draw in the facial features using the permanent markers.
  5. Using a hot glue gun or tacky white glue, glue the gold cord for hanging your angel ornament to the very top of her head.
  6. Now glue around this gold cord a gold braid trim to cover the center hanging cord and the top of the angel's head. This should mimic a cap.
  7. Next take each wing cut from a Popsicle stick and mount these two with glue onto one of the Popsicle sticks, see the picture above to copy.
  8. Now glue the third remaining stick on top of the two wings so that the angel's wings are sandwiched between the two uncut sticks.
  9. Decorate the finished Popsicle body with gold trims, sequins, beads etc...
  10. Hot glue the head to the top half of the finished body and then glue a piece of gold trim between the shoulders and head to emphasize a fancy collar for the angel. 
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  1. How cute. I love to dig for vintage ornaments such as this at garage sales.

  2. I think this Popsicle angel came from my husband's aunt's old ornament collection.