Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Cut, Paste and Color A Paper Angel Tree Topper

      I designed this brightly colored angel for one of my small trees last year. She is very light weight and made from card stock, scrapbook papers and markers. Simply download and print the pattern below. Cut and trace around the features that you would like in fancy papers. Then embellish the features with permanent markers, glitter and small decorative snowflakes. I colored both sides of this angel and included the "Rejoice" text on the front side of her gown.
      Glue both the front and back sides together along the edges only. Let the tree topper dry overnight before stapling in the paper toilet tube. Make sure you staple together one end of it before inserting the tube between your layers of card stock. (see picture below.) The tube will be the place to fit a narrow branch at the top of your Christmas tree. The tube helps prevent tearing and keeps the angel from losing her shape over time.
      You can decorate an entire tree with brightly colored papers ornaments and top it off with this angel. A tree topper such as this one will compliment a variety of styles and colors. Choose coordinating papers and or colors to achieve your own unique tastes. I will include more paper Christmas ornaments on this blog that you can cut, color and paste to go along with my angel in the near future.

Close up details of my finished paper angel tree topper.
I stapled together the ends of one half of a paper toilet roll and then inserted it between my two colored angels. Then I positioned it firmly over the top branch of a small tree.
Paper angel tree topper pattern. Enlarge the image to fit an 81/2 x 11 sized paper before printing.
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